WTB: TE stick in Korea!

Fellow SRK Members,

I’m looking to get a TE stick for my buddy. We are both on jobs in Korea.

The requirements are simple:

  1. It can be either an 360 or PS3 TE stick.
  2. Ideally, the seller should be locally in Korea as to negate currency exchange rate issues and absurd international shipping charges.

My offering price will be around the 130,000 won range.

Also any tips from members would be welcomed. I know that Yong-san sell electronics but I’m not sure if they sell the madcatz.

Thanks for your time.

For 130,000 won, you wont find much… its less than they sell for retail in the states.
Are there no other online retailers who sell them like Play Asia ?, that might ship to you ?

You might also check to see if anyone you know is making the trip to Japan, or the US, and get them to buy you one. I’m not sure how popular the TE’s were in Japan, but I know we cant help loving them here in the home of the brave.

I brought my first TE stick from capcom store, they shipped it to Australia, wasn’t exactly cheap shipping, but I think the TE and shipping came out around the 220 AUD, they were cheaper than play asia at the time for me.

Well from the Korean Gmart online store they sell it for 158,000 won plus some useless PS3 adapter. Earlier I saw from the same retailer for 129,000 won for the Asian White 360 TE stick. I’m sure shipping would increase the cost but shouldn’t be that much since it local. Unfortunately, the same retail seller won’t give me the earlier deal without the PS3 adapter.