WTB: TE Top Panel Noir Layout


I’m thinking that this is a long shot but figured it was worth a try:

Anyone happen to have the METAL panel for a Madcatz TE that has Noir button cut-outs (the only sticks I’m aware of with these are the TTT2 TE-s and Soul Edition? Preferably with the jlf mount still there… Art doesn’t matter.

If not someone wanna go halfsies on a TTT2 Wii-U sick and split up the parts? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you can get one custom made by a member here. B-Boy tekken makes them. AMP Up Customs: Now taking orders. TE2, MCZ SE, FS Pro, and Hori FE


How much are you offering for one? Pretty sure I know someone willing to sell one if the price is right. It’s from the Soul Edition if that matters.