WTB: TE Xbox360 or Dual mod TE

Hi, im from canada, i would like to buy a stick:

[ I BUY ]
1x Madcatz TE 360 (r1 or r2 or mvc2)
mint or new
120$ shipped


1x Dual TE (r1 or r2 or mvc2)
mint or new
190$ shipped

Im from Canada, Montreal

The main problem is shipping to canada…

hit meus up he may have something u could pick up in canada

Well I live in Canada, Alberta. I got a round 2 TE 360 stick. I have only used it twice (Probably a total of 20 mins of use, so its almost new). But I am demanding a total price of 140$ with shipping before i am going to part with it. If that’s alright.

You might wanna check out the stickies on selling stuff on SRK before you actually try selling stuff.

EDIT: I don’t wanna clutter OPs thread, so I’ll add to my post.

“22. To use the trading outlet (sell or trade) you have to be with the site for at least 6 months, and have 50 posts. Failure to meet the requirement will result in a infraction or ban.”

I’m just trying to help you out, it doesn’t matter if you have a total of 100~2000 positive feedback from ebay or where ever else I believe.
You need the requirements on SRK to be able to sell/trade on SRK.

I have actually read through the entire stickie there and this thread was asking to Buy so I just posted my offer. I have sold stuff before, I have a total of 130 postive Feedback in Ebay with a 100% rating and I have about 7 feedback on the shmup forums.

But I read through that whole thing, I can’t figure out the problem? Am i not allow to sell TE sticks?


no love for canada?

Well guess thats a good enough reason for me to keep it then.

I assume you think that because they’re both from Canada, it means they’re in walking distance from eachother haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, here is the dual mod TE “S” that I have.


I would sell it to you with only one plexi and without the extra buttons for 190 but you’d have to pay for the shipping. Shipping is going to run about 35 bucks or so. I know that’s not what you were looking for but that’s all I can offer.

also, the dual mod is not clear. what KIND of dual mod do you want? i’m assuming 360/PS3 but you could be a little more specific…

true dat but even if he ships will be alot cheaper then someone from the us

^Agreed. MUCH cheaper.

it’s weird how the shipping costs compare. I traded a jfl for an ls-32 with kasforo before. it cost me almost 10 bucks to ship it to him in the US and his box said that it cost him under 5 bucks to ship to canada. i had been looking for a seller for about 6 months before i got one to sell me a te for 100 bucks shipped. there is no love for canadians…

I would sell my TE S to you for local pickup…but I’m trading it for a PS3 stick :frowning:

If it falls through, I’ll definately contact you.

So true. From my area to Canada, it was about $45 shipped. I even offered to knock off $10 and this guy never even gave me a reply at least. No love for Canada, indeed.


I just received lot of pm, maybe i forgot your sorry. 205$ is little over the money i got and i have to pay the import tax. sorry

Even if it’s listed as a gift? That doesn’t make sense.

If it’s marked as a gift, the value that won’t be taxed/customs on will be upwards to 40~60 Canadian (I don’t know the exact amount now, it used to be 60 just a year a go I believe)
If it’s over that cap, he’ll be taxed. UPS looks like 20 brokerage + HST = customs cost

To: Tomle I would suggest to check ebay for TE 360 u looking for.

I was luck to score cheap MvC TE 360 for 66 dollars shipped coming from Quebec.

Marvel VS Capcom Arcade Stick (X360) - eBay (item 280547556171 end time Aug-14-10 11:22:30 PDT)