WTB : Tekken 5 Sticks

Been doing some T5 stick mods recently and wanted to get some stock. Anyone have some they’d like to sell? I’m looking to get up to ten. I don’t care if it has the box or not, just so long as the case isn’t cracked or deeply scratched. Minor scratches are okay as I sand and prime the cases before paint anyways.

Gutted or brand new, let me know what you’ve got and tell me how much you’d like shipped to 85283. Preference goes to those who have more than one to sell.


I have one I might be willing to part with.

im looking for a tekken 5 stick aswell

http://forums.shoryuken.com/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=226 here ya go

I had one that I just gave to a friend, the artwork and buttons are pretty much dead but you’re going to be modding it anyway. I’ll ask him if he wants to give it back, he needs it for practice but it’s too unreliable to use in tornaments so he might as well sell it.

In other words, let me get back to you.

Oh shit, you’re banned!


Let me know how much/if you have pics. <3