WTB: Tekken 6 IC (please close)

Yeah, so we got a T6BR machine at Gameworks here, but they don’t sell cards. I’m looking to pick up maybe 4-5 cards, and toss you some extra $$$ for the trouble. Please PM me…


pm sent.

If it’s a Japanese version, you do realize you need a Japanese cell phone with internet to customize them, right?

doubt its the japanese version since he said it’s at GameWorks

you are right, but for the Int. Version the 6.0 cards will work for the new br system.

I didn’t know that…interesting…

Yea it just updates them for ya, If you still need some you can ask in the norcal section of TZ.

I can get you some too if you need it.

thanks Suiken!!! (and all others that offered)