WTB: tekken chord


I need the chord that goes from the pcb to the playstation. holla at me with prices.


Check your PMs.


i got some ps1 cords. will those work?


i know someones gotta have one


i already said i had a ps1 cord. im pretty sure they work…


but i need the ones that connect directly from the tekken pcb tot he ps2. giving me a ps1 chord will do nothing for me.


I guess you’re not interested in the one I had to offer. shrug


lol… you have to hook it up to the pcb obviously. :rofl:


If you’re sure the PS1 cords (no h, btw) work (or can take a picture so I can verify), I will buy one from you

or if TC doesn’t want RockCho’s I will take that one

I actually could use more than one, so both of you hit me up :tup:


I have one, P.M. for price.