WTB: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Evo 2014 Entry Shirt


I’m looking for the shirt as stated in the title. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it this year to Evo. I recently found out that a special shirt was made for people that entered the tournament. I really like the design and would like to get one. If someone has a Men’s Small or Medium and is willing to part with theirs please let me know. Thank you =)


I tried HARD to get one of these. That Devil Asuka graphic is the tits. They weren’t having it though. They had a bunch extra and wouldn’t budge. They are going to be at ComicCon though. If you are in that area you can try that. If anyone see’s this post and has a large size, PM me :slight_smile:


The one in San Diego? Unfortunately I won’t be over that way but I might have a friend or two that might be going. I’ll see what they are up to and if we can possibly get a hold of a small and a large =)


Awesome! Let me know how that goes.