WTB: Three odd requests/items


I finally admitted to myself that I suck with wiring and after multiple bruises and internal bleeding behind the skin through misuse of equipment, I decided just to ask someone else to make and crimp some QDs into a daisy chain.

I need two daisy chain ground wiring set ups. One that fits a layout of 8 30mm buttons and 4 24mm buttons in the back of an NHTRAN case, and one that fits a layout of 6 30mm buttons and 3 24mm buttons in the back of a smaller case that’s around the side of an SE stick.

Also I’m looking for just 1 24mm Dark Hai Sanwa snap in.

Finally, I’m still in search of a Big Pocket’s Carbon Fiber Shaft/Dustcover for a JLF. Heck, anything similar to carbon fiber in terms of a shaft/dustcover will work also.

If you have any of these products or know of someone that can manufacture them, please let me know and we can negotiate on pricing.


Added more requests for certain products.


the last one’s a tough one.


How much you offering for a big pockets CF dust set?


As of right now, I’ll probably go $30 to $40 for it.