WTB TMO case of this style


Looking for a TMO case in this style

If you have one and are willing to part with it pm me with what you are looking to get for it.


-and one of the better builders today needs to pick up this design. No one is making these anymore :frowning:


Isn’t that a Byrdo design? I like it.


It is a TMO stick (from his photobucket account), but I guess Byrdo is the first to start using that design, which I think is the reason that TMO stopped making them. From looking at pictures of each of there cases I think TMO’s are slimer and better looking. Seeing how few Byrdo puts out it sucks that he decided to stop making them.

really really rally want


This is mine.

I’m not letting this one go. :slight_smile:
However I have another stick that incorporates the Byrdo layout.


could you post pics?


Sasuke182 posted a similar style up on the trading outlet. i asked him who made the case and it was DJ-Blitz. not too sure if he is still making cases but maybe you can pm him.


I knew the Panda stick was coming. I’m glad to see it isn’t changing hands again. :smile:



I have no problem making them like this: