WTB Toggleme Aluminum Battop


As the title states, looking to buy one of the Toggleme Aluminum Battops that he made a while back, specifically looking for a black/gray one. Send a PM to discuss it further.


They actually arent good (aluminum ones) they have no trxture to them so if ur hands get sweaty, ur gonna be upset

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Maybe he’s like me and doesn’t play on his sticks and just displays them…


What fun is that?? :-/ waste of money

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Collecting sticks ruined my life lol. But seriously arcade sticks fucking rule.


“waste of money” is a personal opinion…
I tend to think eating at restaurants and traveling is a waste of money but other people love it.


I guess… Still dont see a point tho. One good stick is enough. Not like people are going to be all excited to see a stick collection. 9 times out of 10 they will think ur a loser

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Loser? I hardly think anyone with a collection is a loser…that means 9 times out of 10 people call markman a loser? Badboy Brazil a loser? Half the people in Tech Talk losers? Hell i have 6 at the moment so am I a loser? While some may think that its a very small percentage and those that do are just salty or don’t have extra funds to pick up extras…and while u may have that opinion ,90% is way off especially in the fgc…smh…lol


So much for finding an aluminum battop :smiley:


It didn’t bug me really but all I’ve seen this dude post is negativity and his reasoning behind it is borderline downsy if u knkw what I mean…lol


No one asked you for your opinion. Dont shit on peoples threads.


Hey Tactics if u need me to I’ll delete my posts…didn’t mean to contribute the unintentional hijack.


Thread crapping is not allowed, and if you have nothing nice to say about the topic it is better left unsaid.


I should create a threads more often.


I got a plain silver one I may let go never used. 25 + shipping if interested


Ill take that one, send me a pm so we can talk about it please.


U guys can calm down and thx for stalking my thread -_- I can say my own personal Opinion and yada yada yada blah blah blah


Nobody CARES about your personal opinion. It is unnecessary for you to even be in here if all you’re going to do is crap this thread with biased garbage based on your ‘feelings’. It’s in SRK rules, no thread crapping and you are becoming constantly persistent in doing so. Any other mod would of probably booted you out of here already, but I’m giving you chance to straighten out. Knock it off.