WTB Tournament Edition Round 1 Fightstick for Xbox 360


Hey Shoryuken,

About a month ago I dedicated a goodly portion of my life into a fightstick project, I bought all my buttons and LEDS and actually got that whole part set up. The only thing I was waiting on, was a stick I ordered from ebay to use as a case. Turns out, I got scammed, and because I was on vacation I was never able to get my money back on the order. Still, I am in great need of a Tournament Edition Fightstick Round 1 for Xbox 360. The stupid thing is, of course, I could buy a nicer fightstick, like the new TE S off of the official gameshark website new for $150, but I already have my plexi and art and everything cut for the older models. Considering I’m replacing everything but the shaft of the joystick and the PCB, the fighstick can be slightly used. Also, given the circumstances, I am only looking to pay in the $100 - $150 range, which I think is fair given the situation. I can pay through PayPal fast and easy.

I just want to play Mortal Kombat guys. Send me a PM or just reply in the thread. Thanks.

EDIT: I actually made a transaction last night, you guys are great! The thread can now be closed.




I’ve re-read the rules, and it didn’t explicitly state that you had to have the post and time requirements to “buy,” just to “sell and trade.” Now, buying is only really trading for money, so I can see where it would fall within that jurisdiction. I’m sorry if I’ve broken you’re rules, but I am only trying to make an honest transaction.