WTB: Turbo Panel from ANY HRAP!


Im looking for the HRAP turbo/guide panel to put this into my T5 stick.

Any Turbo panel will be fine.


Hey Don,

Not sure if your interested but im looking to sell or trade my Xbox360 HRAP (with turbo panel). It’s moded with sanwa buttons. I would also do an even trade for any Xbox360 Mad Catz TE stick (in good shape of course). Just throwing it out there - lemme know. Im in the NYC area too… Link to photo attached: Yfrog Photo : yfrog.com/h8is2zj - Shared by jonyfraze


Nah, i have a T5 that i wanna mod and add a turbo panel, cant afford that whole stick at the moment lol
Thanks tho.


Looking for any HRAP panel


blklightning has some or replacement from TEK?


I think i have one just the plastic part right?


The pieces are scattered but I might be able to piece it together. Just pay for shipping?