WTB: un-modded XBOX

I’m looking for an XB with a working cd drive, doesn’t have to have the hooks ups or controls, just a normal XB. My brother’s XB died on him and so did his computer, he’s looking for an XB right now.

$30 shipped is what he’s looking for, but he said if he comes across some cash he can do 40 or 50, depending on what the seller wants.

PM me if you’re looking to sell one for this price.

Just shipping the Xbox is going to be 10-20 bucks, plus its could be DOA, if cheap shipping is used, etc. I think you may have better luck locally, or if you buy a collection on ebay.

What exactly is wrong with your bro’s Xbox? If you can give me a good enough discription of the problem I can tell you if it is something that can be easily fixed.
For instance a DVD drive that will not eject without a game in the tray, is a “relatively” easy fix if you are somewhat mechanical. It also requires no purchase of parts.
If it isn’t easily fixable I would buy it from you for parts.

There was a coupon at EB games/gamestop last week for a used xbox for $49.99 with hookups and controller.