WTB: Undamned usb decoder


WTB: 1-2 Undamned usb decoders

Shoot me a PM :slight_smile:







You can buy those at Paradise arcade


@wikidone0321 I should have specified, but Paradise Arcade only has the breakout version in stock (not the DB15 one that I’m looking for/would prefer).

@armi0024 I was just going to cave and buy the breakout version for my project, but I actually have an outstanding $~400 order with PA that I’ve yet to see in well over a month, and both my support tickets and other communication (PM/official thread on here) have apparently been selectively ignored. I have an outstanding “processing” ticket now for weeks with no response and have been provided with incorrect tracking info/updates twice now. So, until that’s resolved I’m not exactly comfortable with doing another order from Paradise. Would appreciate a response.


db15 is a different product http://www.paradisearcadeshop.com/undamned-usb-decoder/1551-undamned-db15-usb-decoder.html
Try asking undamned directly about it


undamned mentioned in another thread back in May that another batch of these were in production and that they’d be available on PA.


Undamned was talking about the screw terminal decoder, op wants the one I linked.
Let me know how it goes op, I need a couple too.


Yeah, I did talk to undamned- he’s in the process of doing a new revised batch but it’s probably a couple of weeks away. I was hoping to get at least one (if not two) before then.