WTB: Universal* arcade stick (need modder services?)


Hey guys… I don’t know if I’d be able to make one of these as well as you guys… so hopefully some modders can help me out… or maybe someone has an extra of something similar.

I need a stick that is multi-console compatible. xbox/pc being the most important. I will be using this stick mainly on a modded xbox1 and a PC (with hyperspin). So those are the only two necessary cables, but 360/ps3 compatibility would be a big plus. Cables for other systems (ps1/gc/snes/etc) aren’t necessary right now… but let me know if you have them.

If any modders want to provide their services to me to make this come true, please PM me… I don’t need it to be fancy or anything, I just need functionality and a professional build.

Thank you!!


If you wake up, I can have your dream in front of you.


Ohh baby… lolol

I did PM you… well I PM’d jamesepoop… but I’ll forward it to you


Still taking offers while i figure out the best approach


What about a Qanba Stick i have one for 140 its original price was 200


He needs xbox1 & PC


oh Xbox 1


yeah… it 100% needs xbox1 (the original) and PC… xbox360/ps3 also… but if it’s a nice stick and doesn’t have ps3/xbox360 i’d still consider it.



i dont think theres a stick like that but im sure its possible if you use a converter with the stick


Any stick modded with a MCcthulhu will have what you need…


Why dont you look for the SF15th anniversary stick and the just use a PS2 to PC converter


I’m making a stick from scratch, MC Cthulhu, impv2, fightpad pcb… this thread can be closed


its funny ive had the SF15th anniversary stick in my closet for 2 years and never used it