WTB: Unpainted Blank case poplar w plexi


So I’m running out of things to work on and i know some of you amazing case builders out there have some unpainted cases you want to sell off. I wish i had the room to have the tools needed to make my own but since i dont this is what i resort too haha.

Looking to buy unpainted cases to mess with… any 6 or 8 button layout is cool… painting is half the joy of putting a stick together and i need more!

Anything around $60 to $85 shipped i’m interested in. Please PM me and thanks for your time.


I got several semi blank cases. They are all stained, but haven’t been poly’ed yet. I don’t know if this will be suitable or not. Let me know.


I have a primered metal case (it needs sanding and another layer of primer probably), Its a 6 button layout with 3 holes in the back. Also has a plexi top.

I’ll part with it for $70 shipped, (or make an offer)

Pics here: