WTB: USB Compartment Panel for Xbox 360 HORI RAP VX-SA


Hey guys,

Just throwing this out there to see if anyone has a spare white USB compartment panel for the Hori RAP VX-SA they’re willing to part with.



I contacted Hori to see if they could provide me with one and their response was as follows:

“In regards, unfortunately we only provide replacement parts for product which are under our 90 day warranty policy and has been purchased through one of our authorized retailers.
Additionally, we do not sell individual parts for our products separately.
We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding.”

So in the end I’m still looking to see if anyone has a spare USB compartment door/panel.


Just a sugestion . If you can’t find it you should just instal a neutrik so the cables will not be expose/hanging. W00P MstR FresH was looking for it and He coudn’t find nobody to sell it.


Thanks Bad.


I ended up making one from some leftover plexiglass I had.


@WOOP- If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to see a picture of your plexi door. Thanks