WTB: USB External Hard Drive

If anyone has one for sale, please PM or post a price and size. Looking for at least 80GB but I’ll consider everything.

just curious, are you looking for one bus powered or anything ?



Got one, thanks.

that’s exactly where i went, too (Great Site!)

i was going towards looking at just hard drives and buying an enclosure separate

doesn’t look like these are that much a difference tho

i hope you didn’t get the free agent.
it’s a TERRIBLE fucking drive, and Ceebo is retarded.

why even relay this when you can do it the better way with better warranty status
dood buy yourself a good sized internal hdd and stash it inside an enclosure. saves money, works the same way & better warranty however you want to make sure to buy a seagate drive though. once your through with this, you got no worries

you shoudl just get an enclosure and then all internals become externals. Magic.

you can get them for like 10 bucks off ebay.