WTB: USB to Playstation 2 Joystick Converter

Anyone know where I can get one, or if they’re available in stores/online?

Thanks in advance.

any… and i mean any… radio shack.

i think he means USB TO PS2 not PS2 to USB. I dont think there exists a USB to PS2 converter… Let me know if you find one though…

I would like to find one as well.

If you mean Playstation 2 then if there is no such thing. If you mean to PS/2 then yes, Radioshack.

Actually, when I look at the Playstation 2 there are two USB slots on the front, any idea if I can plug a stick into that?

Bump, anyone know if you can plug a USB into those ports at the front of the PS2 for a stick?

NO, you can’t but if you really want to ask that, you would ask in the Tech forum, not here.

Or you can Google and see an entire list of what can be plugged in there…like this!

Or this!


Thanks guys.

Ah, Justin… “you might be better off posting this in the tech talk forums”

Just kidding. Hey (offTopic) I just checked out your band. Good stuff. So the J. Roper, Esquire thing… Is that from Bill & Ted’s then? Wild Stallionz?

^^ Haha, didn’t think of that…but no. That’s really me.

BTW, I was going to post this in the tech forums but I figured I’d want to buy one if they made it anyway…(killed two birds?)