WTB: Used Arcade Sticks

I’m interested in any TE version sticks or any HORI pro version sticks. Preferably for xbox, but if I had to buy a converter it wouldn’t be the worst thing. After googling it and coming up with nothing but SOLD OUT’S, figured here is a better place to start. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Edit : Stick Purchased, thank you all for your replies.

I’m selling dual modded TE’s. SE Brawlstick case/Dual Modded TE/ etc

Have a Hori Real Arcade Pro 1 (PS1/PS2) for sale: WTS: Hori Fighting Commander, inPin, xTokki and Brooks Converters and Misc. Parts [01/09/2018]

I have a MVC3 TE modded with mc cthulhu with 360/PS3/Dreamcast/PC wires.