WTB: Used DC Agetec "Green Goblin" stick or DC Converter

I’m looking for one relatively cheap. I only really want to pay 35-40 altogether, I know it’s really cheap, but I don’t care if it’s all stock buttons and shit, or the buttons or dying I just need a cheap DC stick that the pcb and case is altogether (I can mod out the buttons as I have some just laying around)


A PS2 -> DC Converter. 10-15 dollars altogether. I prefer this to new/hardly used condition. I need it to work with ps1 DS pcbs and hori pcbs. Thanks alot.

Check with SupraFist…I think he has a green goblin up for sale…

i dont mean to be the jerk that puts an ebay link in a WTB thread

but if youre looking for a cheap converter close to the innovation’s quality

id recommend this one

i got one and it has a switch for going from r1 r2 shoulder buttons

to L1 r1

dc agetec

I live in the east bay if your interested.

I try to steer away from going to ebay, I’ve just had way too many problem dealing with people, and that price is something I don’t want to spend on a converter.

Well, I won’t pay more than 40 for it. Like I said in my opening post, I just want one cheap, like I don’t care if buttons are falling off, that can be easily dealt with, I just need a stick that has a DC PCB and is reliable when I fix it up, so that only leads me to a Agetec. If the price seems right for you, I’ll make a deal.

I have one. I’ve been contemplating on selling it for the longest, in the case that I’ll ever get back to playing fighting games competitively.

Convince me, and, it’s yours for $40. I even have the box.

Actually, I just heard my friend is quitting games for school and gave me 3 ps2 to dc converters. Sorry guys for the inconvenience.