WTB: Used or broken fighstick, or just the case

I’m looking a cheap broken or used fightstick that the case still in nice shape. I’m from Brazil. Anyone that want to sell it put the model and the price wanted.

Preferable the SE case, but I accept offers for other cases too.

Offering 15-20 bucks plus shipping in the case with nothing inside for any Hori EX2, SE
Offering 40-45 bucks shipped in any Hori EX2, SE a with working wires and without PCB
Offering 50-60 bucks shipped for any Hori EX2, SE working fo PS3/XBOX360/PS2

Any other case please make me a offer, I may have pleople interested.

I have an SE case. It has the start and select buttons on the back, and the pcb and wires for them, but no turbo panel.
Let me know if you’re interested.

I have a few cases up for sale in my For Sale thread.

Check it and let me know what cha think. I’m open to offers as well. Good luck and thanks.

When you mean shipped, are you meaning it’s for USA, or to anywhere?

Thank you

I’m sorry. I didn’t see the “I’m from Brazil” part. Only US. Good luck though.

pm me

Sent a PM

Updated with price range I want to offer.