WTB: Used Sanwa parts


1X JLF-TP-8T(with harness)
8X OBSF-30 buttons
2X OBSF-24 buttons

Looking for Dark Hai or any dark colors.

Thought about buying from AkihabaraShop, but thought I’d give it a go here first.



lizardlick.com is probably a better place for you to order if you do or arcadeshock, I think arcadeshock is providing free shipping for 6+ buttons atm.


Yea LizardLick is good now, they ship very fast and got a good selection of colors and different parts.


Thanks, its either between LL or modchipman now


Definitely go Lizardlick. Modchipman is pretty much done.


kfree isn’t reliable anymore?


http://www.southtown-homebrew.com/ is another option as well. place started for neo-geo mvs arcade related stuff, but is branching out more and more all the time. good place for sanwa stuff.


From what I’ve heard he isn’t.

I have ordered from Modchipman, GamingNow.net and LizardLick and LizardLick to me is the best out of the 3. The packaging is so good and the speed they ship is very very fast. I ordered something like on a monday and recieved it on wed, its that fast. Best prices for shipping and items too.