WTB: Used stick for a new player


Hello SRK,

 My name is Maximilian and I have recently been introduced into the fighting game world. I come from a strong PC gaming area and have been a semi pro/pro PC gamer since I was about 12 (Games like COD2/COD4, CS, CSS etc). A group of friends that I gained from a local LAN center that I used to attend started introducing me into the strong world of the FGC. I never really knew about fighting games or payed any attention. But after watching the go away to a lot of tourneys and hanging out at home with them watching constant Spooky streams and it kind of got me intrusted. Being a very competitive gamer and wanting to learn how to use a fight stick I am currently looking to purchase one. If anyone has a used stick or an extra one they don't use anymore and are willing to sell please let me know. I don't really have the money to purchase a brand new tourney stick and just want something to learn on. I have been told that learning with a better quality stick is easier. So if anyone has a spare or old TE and eight arc please let me know.

Thanks for taking the time to read



I have a hori ex2 fight stick great condition :slight_smile:


Dude you can’t sell yet at all, wasn’t that mentioned?

On topic: I have a stick modded for PS2/PS3. With adapters you can play it on multiple systems. It’s listed at 85 but you can offer anything else.