WTB: Used T5 Hori sticks

Im looking for a used tekken stick. Broken button, broken joystick, fading artwork doesnt matter. As long as the power cable is good and the pcb isnt fried.
LMK what you guys have. Will be shipped to 77042

i have a tekken stick for sale, do you do paypal. it’s 100% working btw.

Yo AJ, i got that T5 Bundle NIB ready to ship…Just incase you cant find a used one :smile:

I have one T5 hori im not using, i believe most of everything works except the fact that the lp/mp buttons ive noticed dont always respond in marvel matches…pm me if ur interested, i can send pics, demonstration vid, etc. I also have a MAS stick for the ps2 id be willin to sell, buttons work straight cept the d/b is weak…i think the knob on the bottom of the stick isnt touching the switch all the way so technically it could be easily fixed, but lemme kno…

hey, if you pm me what price range you are looking to spend theres a game store in my area with about 3 t5 sticks left in stock, id be more than happy to pick them up and ship them to you.

im looking for a arcade stick for the 360 does anyone have one i have cash in hand!! i live in ga