WTB: Used XBox360

see title, just looking for some fair prices on used systems since im only getting one for sf4

Honestly, best bet is getting one of the arcade bundles for $200, with that new processor. Usd 360’s can be like playing russian roulette.

IMO. good luck.

i suggest checking out your local craigslist, sometimes they are some good use xboxs for a good deal

I second that, I got my 360 for 200 with 20 GB HDD, and it’s worked wonderfully.

I would only buy one that has a Jasper or at the very least Falcon chipset. The newest systems all have Jaspers and run far cooler than their older brothers. However, if you just want to play SF4, have you considered waiting for the pc version?


Back in February I was considering just waiting for July for the PC version. I said hell haw and picked up a used 360 from Craigslist and I certainly don’t regret it :smiley:

OP check Craigslist and if you’re gonna buy it used make sure it’s Jasper or Falcon chip based and try to buy it from someone who isin’t a heavy gamer.

i got mine for 130 with 60gig harddrive, lol pretty good yea?

I got mine for $170 already had the drive flashed and I got a 20GB HDD and a 3 month live card for $38

finding a used falcon shouldn’t be too hard, but it may be difficult locating a used jasper. i’d just go the 200 for a new system route as well.