WTB: Very specific 3DS


I want a 3DS (not XL), new or damn near close with a copyright date on the box of 2011 or 2012 and a serial number that begins in CW421 or lower (420, 419, etc).

If it is open and “damn near close” show me the firmware, it’s under options and appears on the top screen, bottom right corner.


i have sealedxl ones. old stock from my game store if u still need them. im guessing u are gonna install a 3ds cap card and gateway


Bingo, though I went and hunted one down at a gamestop.

If you go to certain sites people will be all over that though.


I have a White Japenese 3DS and an American Red 3DS XL both Gateway compatible. I use both for my Gateway lol.

PM me if you are interested.


Wait, what does the gateway do??
I knew about capture card, but not about the gateway… =\

Edit: nvm, found it. Just like an r4 nice!


I have the Zelda 3ds, the serial begins with CW406 would that be viable?