WTB: Virtua Stick High Grade Shell. Will Trade HSS-0130 Panels

Lately I’ve become a Virtua Fighter 5 whore, so I’ve created a 3-button panel for one in CAD and before I have it cut at the shop, I was looking to have a spare case to mount it to.

So, I’m looking for a Virtua Stick High Grade shell. No need for the pcb/stick/buttons. Will pay cash or I’d even trade my HSS-0130 panel with Seimitsu sticks and all buttons, Saturn pcbs and cords as depicted in N10248’s pics…


Since I’m using forum member N10248’s pic, here’s a free plug for his eBay auction…

nice deal

Thanks for that

will you sell the HSS-130? and does it have the white plastic case?

Anytime, N10248.

dtran01 & anyone interested,…

I’d sell the HSS-0130 metal panel but not the white surround.

HSS-0130 8-button Astro Panel = $86 shipped in the states
Seimitsu Astro City Panel -2L12B, New and never used = sold shipped in the states


Seimitsu Astro City Panel 2L12B includes 2 LS-32 joysticks, 12 PS-14-GN action buttons and 2 PS-14-DN start buttons.
Harness included.


2L12B is sold to a lad on ArcadeOtaku