WTB: Virtua stick high grade / VSHG

Hi guys im looking for the above!!

Can anyone help me out pleeaaaassssssseee???

Really want one for Soul Cal 4 :woot:

I have a minty official Dreamcast HKT-8100 vga box I will trade towards one.

Im in UK but dont mind paying shipping costs from anywhere.

Still looking guys, really hope someone can help me out!!

pm sent mate

still lookin guys


Have dreamcast official vga box i can trade towards a vshg too!!

VSHG are really hard to come by now so i would recommend hitting up this thread http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=160592 to get a HRAP1 or HRAP3 for an extremely fair price. be quick i expect those things to sell really fast. most unmodded HRAP1 go for 180+ on ebay.

Thanks but really looking for a vshg. Someome must have one.

i’ll be throwing mine up on ebay soon, i’ll post link when its up

Ok cool, let me know once its up :woot:



that is about as cheap as i see it. i’ve shipped vshg’s to europe and shipping priority mail is $70 from california where i’m from so i doubt you could save more than maybe $20 from someone in who would sell theirs from the u.s.

i posted about 10 minutes before him and i got one mint for 90 shipped. it was luck tho. i bought one for 130 and sold it for 120 and then i missed it and bought it back. its a nice joystick.

oh yeah i forgot to mention you don’t want it for sc4 because in training mode to reset position you have to press r3 on ps3. vshg doesn’t have an r3 button but hrap3 and official sc4/hfs3 have them (i think).

if you don’t mind the training mode thing then forget i mentioned it.

Yeah not so fussed about the training. Really like this joystick and am desperatley trying to get hold of one and would happily pay approx $135 shipped to uk (maybe more if its really minty)

still looking

what version is the fixed one is it S or M version?

I think its the M but not entirely sure!! Do you have one to sell??


must register first :D, get it while you can!