WTB: Virtua Stick High Grade


Anybody out there interested in parting with their VSHG? I know a lot of people love and covet theirs, but in the off chance that you want to sell yours, please feel free to shoot me a PM!

Thanks, SRK Trading Outlet!


I would be willing to sell mine for $200 shipped. FIRM.
It is modded though. Wireless PS3 w/sixaxis adapter. Battery upgrade.
Red sanwa obsf30’s, Red sanwa meshball, Neutrik adapter installed in the front. Red USB cord for charging. Square gate. 4 mini buttons painted black w/ krylon fusion. I’m not really looking to get rid of it but I should probably part ways with a few of my sticks. Was posted in the old “I love my custom stick” thread. PM me is you are interested for more details. Includes original box.


Hmmm I must say I am looking for one as well…anyone willing to part with one with box in good condition for $170-$180 shipped?


I’ve been watching these on eBay for the past couple months, every once and awhile you’ll find an auction that starts at 1 dollar, they usually end at around $140-150. Crazy import shops try and sell them for $185 with 45 bucks shipping but no one ever buys those.
I’d like to buy/trade from someone in the US. I have a mint Mas System arcade stick and a whole buncha videogames an some money too. I’m new here, but I have over 1000 feedback on eBay and a GameTz account with all my games listed. PM me if interested, thanks.


wouldnt sell mine for 200 :smiley:


I know, what am I thinking?


I should also add that the closer it is to stock, the better.



Eh, I would go for one with ps3 controller guts for some wireless goodness. I always yank my current one out if a fit of anger cause I suck at Street Fighter 4.


That’s a really tempting price. If I wasn’t using my two VSHG’s in a Vewlix cabinet, I’d probably bite. Is there a reason that you’re not looking at the Mad Catz TE instead?


VSHG is the only one I know of that works with ps1-ps2 games.


DangerDave00, I’d like to point out that all of Hori’s PlayStation 3 arcade sticks work for playing backwards compatible games as well. Just throwing that out there in case all you’re looking for is a retail PS3 stick that works for BC.

Anyways, good luck to all you folks in here! As much as I like the look of Sega’s Virtua Stick High Grade, the fact that it literally can’t mount anything but a Sanwa JLF is a huge turn off for me so I’m not personally hunting for one of these. :bgrin:


Oh ok, it must be the Mad Cats sticks that aren’t backwards compatible. I’m still trying to figure all this out.


Well as an owner of a VSHG and a former owner of a TE stick both sticks are great I just happen to like the weight and rarity of the VSHG but the TE is an excellent stick as well…just prefence…I tried to go Seimitsu but later converted back to Sanwa…