WTB: Voltech Case


Looking for a new or nearly perfect condition all Black Voltech case with 24mm buttons (3) and a Neutrik hole. Button Layout: Viewlex 6 buttons. If you have one you willing to let go PM me.


Anyone :slight_smile:


LoL. Yaaaa. Idk man. That’s a pretty specific request. I have a black 8 button Vewlix Panzer OG with some wear. Has a few scratches. Probably best to do a vinyl wrap on it. Let me know if you want it. $90 plus shipping.


@NENDO Thanks. Just gotta keep a eyes out on a white one. :#


rare case


Heres a cool page that has almost all the ones he made. Im just missing a stainless bbs vas hg. I only know one person on the forums that has one. good luck ! Hope you find one.


voltech’s cases are rare collector’s items these days. hope you find what you’re looking for