Wtb: Vshg/hrap1v.b

yeah, i wanna buy a vshg or a hrap 1 v.b off someone. im in california 93535 plz give me a shipped price. thanx!!! NEW OR USED! MUST BE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION WITH NO SCUFFS OR PROBLEMS, UNLESS MENTIONED!


i wish u wouldve asked for one before i left for hawaii for 30+ days. If u dont find one around mid AUG time hit me up. i can get one to u for $120shipped

If im still in need around that time, i’ll shoot u a pm. Thanks!

EDIT: I have the VSHG. I’m stupid for not mentioning it, but everyone here should know that I’m not an HRAP fan.

I still have mine which has only been used 3 or 4 times and has Vermillion parts instead of the stock parts. I love this stick and would have used it a lot more if it worked well with Tekken DR. Since that’s the only fighting game I play on PS3, it’s found no use.

I still have the box and packaging materials. Hey man, hit me up on AIM later.


Hey, Paik, I’m just curious as to why your HRAP doesn’t work well with Tekken DR. The Pelican converter not working well with it?

i think he was referring to his vshg not working with t5DR

Ooops. It slipped my mind. Disregard my retarded posts :sweat:.

Not a retarded post, I’m retarded for not being clear what I had : )


=O!!! Now this makes me curious again XD. Next to custom sticks and whole control panels, I feel HRAPs are the best cases out there. Nice weight, spacious, and easily modded. So why the hate? =P

Koo Paik! I’ll hop on aim this evening! Just gonna be using it for mame, and I’m gonna throw a ps1 pcb in it later. Prob take one of those dual shocks off your hands as well =o) Thanks!


if you do take it out sell me the stock pcb :lovin:

If hellhound7 gets the VSHG I would be interested in a HRAP1v.b. Same conditions as he has stated, except my California zip is 94015.

prob won’t be switching out the pcb for a while but, if or when I do I will hit you up man! :tup: take it easy!