WTB: Website Template/Web Design, Custom Idea

Basically i want a nice template.

A picture of the 3s select screen must be cut and programmed so that i can have each character link to a page. (for combos, vids, w/e)

Paying 150$-200$ money order.

Or someone to do this in joomla for me… since it is confusing me like no tomorrow.

More details will be discussed… just looking for people interested atm.

I think I can do it. I have the software and whatnot to do it as well.


http://woobert.com (design)
http://ugs19797.atlasservers.com (everything except art (which I commissioned!))
http://chippermonky.deviantart.com (not web related)

Character selection screen should be pretty easy. I’m not sure how you want the individual pages to be like but I have some designs in mind. I’m willing to make an empty template for you but you’d have to fill it in with content yourself.