WTB White Asian Mad Catz TE


Thread title says it all. Ive been on the hunt for one for a little while. I literally had it in my cart to purchase one day on play-asia and I opted out because my then gf said she’d get it if I could wait til my birthday. By that time they sold out and she ended up getting me one of the MvC2 sticks which I then had modded by Gummo.

But this is the stick I REALLY want. Out of the entire Mad Catz line, its the one thats eluded me. If anybody has one FS or knows where I can get one in fully working condition (boxed would be preferable), please let me know.

I dont have a trading record up here but I have a very solid buy/sell/trade reputation over at neo-geo.com which can be viewed HERE. as you can see I have a 100% rating across numerous transactions.

Help me find this piece for my collection guys!!


I know someone here is selling one, but it had some major button problem he couldn’t figure out. Probably a wiring issue.


Fifty8mm has a white te for sale. Not stock though.


Check my posts for my thread. I’m on my phone right now. PM me.