WTB - White Hori "Kuro" Buttons From White Fighting EDGE

just picked up a 360 fighting edge and i wanna swap the colored buttons for white ones. also the white balltop to match would be nice. i only need 4 but willing to buy a set of 8.

Hi! I’ve got just what you need! Can we set up a trade? I really want your colored 360 Kuro buttons (red, blue, green, yellow). I have a set of 8 white ones plus the original balltop that came with a white PS3 Fighting Edge I used to own. Please PM me and let’s discuss there!

@RedTag14 is a great guy. You will be pleased brotha! :slight_smile:

found, thanks @RedTag14 !

Thank YOU @asiangrafx! Really glad we could set up a trade. (;