WTB: White Madcatz TE Bevel (from Marvel vs Capcom Edition)


So I’ve had some problems painting my red bevel on my round 2 TE and at this point its kind of unsalvageable. So I’'m wondering if any of you modders out there in SRK land have modded a Marvel vs. Capcom Edition TE to have a full or extended plexi and therefore would no longer need the white bevel that came with it. I’m willing to pay $30 or maybe more if that bevel is really near and dear to youre heart. If anyone has an extra white bevel from the MvC TE PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!


Man I thought you were selling one. I think you meant WTB:


pmed and here are the pics


changed to WTB


That is what I meant, thank you for changing it for me Fir.