WTB: WHITE Qanba Q4 or eightarc Fusion


As stated in the title, I’m looking to purchase a Qanba Q4 or eightarc Fusion in white/ivory. I can purchase a new Q4 $150 out the door but I would like to see if any SRK folk have these sticks collecting dust.

I have bought from many of the members here and have feedback at a ton of other places. No Paypal gift. I also have a very good condition PS3 R1 Madcatz TE if you for some reason want to trade to a single-console stick, I will cover the difference, of course.

Looking to pay…

Qanba Q4: $130 shipped
eightarc fusion: $150 shipped

If you have something for me please PM me with item details, condition, and some pictures if possible.