WTB: White TE2 Bezel, possibly Black as well

I’m looking for a white bezel to replace the red one on my TE 2+. If anyone has a spare one from a Chun Li or other TE2 I’d love to buy it off you.

A black one would be nice too but I’m mainly looking for white.

If you cant find the one you want, you should consider wrapping your current bezel with vinyl wrap. The quality on 3M’s vinyl wraps are amazing.

Thanks, I will look into it. Hopefully someone has a spare bezel.

Im really sad, does noone have another bezel?

You could try plasti dip but to get in to adhere you’ll have to rough it up.

i might be interested in trading my black one for your red one since i have the XB1 TE2…

I want to keep the red bezel for now.

Does noone have a white and/or black bezel for sale? I’m willing to pay generously over what mad catz would have charged.

Still looking for one of these, will pay well.