WTB: wico p360


looking for one of these. anybody looking to sell?


bump :slight_smile:


Will u settle for a Happ P360? Its the one very old ones. Not the new garbage that is made today in china But the goods ones that were made here in the usa. I can send u a pic if u like. Its all black and with a round bottom. It sais 360 on it


yeah sure lemme see a pic!


I’m in the process of getting more wico p360 for all those that have been hitting me up recently for one.


ooo. please keep me informed :slight_smile:


It’s official. 3 new old stock (NOS) Wico 360s are coming my way.

Ill make sure you get one.


beautiful <3 <3 <3

ill take a black one. how much you asking


Not to thread highjack, but I will take a black wico 360 as well (preferably the black handle comp style.) PM me :slight_smile: thanks


if you could have this to me before EVO that would be swell, or we could meet up at EVO. I have two MAS sticks I wanna get worked on, once will have the new optical MAS stick the other hopefully a p360


:slight_smile: if any available I PMd you Cutwest


I have an sf anniversary stick with a wico ps360 balltop model if anyone is interested. Or I could let go of the wico by itself :slight_smile:


bump. looking for one for my other stick. anyone?


I got happ p360’s. New and old. Let me know.


Zabuza you still have an old happ?




Hit me up on pms im I’m interested in it asap


fyi those old wico(non happ) sticks were THE SHIT. those are the real “perfect” sticks. I used one years ago and it was so perfect.


I have two coming down the pipe line. Official wicos 360


are the wicos360 better than the happ 360? i need a new one…