Wtb: Wico p360

Might as well give it a shot too :pleased:

for those who aren’t sure it says “WICO” at the base of the Perfect 360 stick,

let me know!


Just wanted to drop by and say good luck with your hunt, Ketchy Kech! I’m sure that someone out there’s got a Wico Perfect 360 they’re willing to part with. They’re great sticks. I’d use them myself if I liked American parts, but alas, I’m too stricken with the good ol’ ball-top to care for them! :lol:

hehe i perfer japanese as well…I would like to have one personal japanese and one american styled =D both optical!! XD

Just a question about the Wico 360. They are similar to feel of a Happ 360, a bat style competition stick, but with more reliable optical sensors right?

Actually, I was under the impression that the reason the Wico Perfect 360s are preferred was because their build quality was extremely high. The newer Happ Perfect 360s manufactured in their China factories had a lot of issues with them. Weird pivot issues, odd diagonals and the like caused by oddities in the actuator, and other reasons, but as far as I know, the optical sensors weren’t the issue. They did fix a lot of the issues by now, but most users who have tried both have said the newer Happ Perfect 360s “Just aren’t the same.”

I have one left. I wanted to keep this one but im thinking of letting it go. How much are you willing to spend on one?

PM Sent !

If you end up getting this please let us know the sale price. I’m genuinely curious.

I can concur, I had a Happ P-360 circa 2008 installed on one of my old SFAE stick. Problem included pivot slipping, inconsistent diagonals, and worst of all, the stick didn’t fit snug with the pivot. Bad stuff.

will do kyle

Guy, hasn’t gotten back to me…so bump for others

edit: nvm he just did :stuck_out_tongue: