WTB: Wii

Willing to pay $225 or higher depending on condition. I kinda want one but don’t want the hassle of finding out when some are in stock. I know there’s a new bundle coming out soon but I’m not paying 400+ for a Wii! :looney:

no offense, but you’re never going to find one for less than $300. they retail for $264. but nobody will sell theirs for less than $300, just look on ebay.

and also this thread will probably be closed soon.

cool, no prob. really. I only want one for Brawl and don’t like anything else on it.

well if you both agree then i’ll close lol.

i mean if you still wanna try the sticky go ahead but most of those wii offers are indeed ranging $300 up. Probably should wait/try for retail or something…