WTB: Wired common ground XBOX360 PCB'S


i need some of these in perfect working condition complete with good condition chords (dont need anything ripped up). if you have one or many…i’ll take them. post up what you got and what you want for it. thanks.


QFT, I stand to make the same offer. PCBS PLZ… I think since markman and the other TE stick designers have a connection to madcatz now they should ask madcatz to hook it up with wholesale 4716s. (common ground only heh.)


Haha, this SF4 hype is causing all sorts of shortages! I can’t seem to find any locally anymore as well. Also, Gamestop stopped carrying the Madcatz ones, the new GS brand ones are not cg afaik.


Are all Madcatz 4716’s common ground? I see multiple (common?) ground points on the early version (http://www.slagcoin.com/joystick/pcb_diagrams/360_diagram4.jpg). I’m guessing only the ‘late’ 4716’s have the single common ground that you guys are looking for.

I’ll check out the local gamestop to see if they have anything left.


Right, the early version are non-cg and you can usually tell by looking on the back. If the year is like 2006, mostly likely it’s non-cg. If the year is like 2007, those are usually cg with the easy to hack triggers. If the year is like 2008, those are usually cg with hard to hack triggers.

That’s been my experience with them anyways but I can and probably will be wrong.


all the new gamestop branded ones i’ve run into have been the type with the inverted triggers but i haven’t done any sticks that required a cg pcb since last week.

have you run into any non common ground ones?


The “new” GS brand are made by pelican or something and cost $29.99. Those are non cg I think. Can’t confirm since if I am going to spend that much on it, might as well get the new MS wired ones.

They no longer will carry the new madcatz as GS brand that cost $24.99. At least that’s what dude said at my local GS.


Bollocks, I’m going to swing by fry’s after work to see if they still have an overstock of the Mad catz classic arcade joystick. Cheap common grounds last refuge


i just asked markman about it and he says they still make them so it may just be a matter of where to get them if gamestop stops carrying them.


Good looking out Jay! It just seem to me that all 4 gs around don’t have them. Frys don’t have them, only 6 of the 10 I ordered from Amazon came, 2 other online places I ordered from cancelled my order. Pita to get now but at they are not discontinued as I’ve feared.


Have you checked out the Joytech Neo SE that most Walmarts carry? Same retail as the GS controller, and it’s also a rebranded Madcatz. You can peek in the packaging to see the model number is also 4716, it’s a common ground board with the triggers that need the NPN transistor.


Good stuff, I will have to check that out tonight although I hate going to Walmart. Floods of people everywhere.


hahahaha…my thread damn it!!!..J/K J/K…thanks for the info guys.