WTB:- Wireless Xbox 360 Arcade Stick

Anyone got any of these to sell or fancy making me a genuine stick, please contact me. I will pay good money for one.

0208-980-4247 / 07950-150-976 UK

I have a Hori ex2 for the 360 that I made into a wireless stick with all Sanwa Parts to include the JLW stick and all 6 sanwa buttons. I also added a white sync button. The recharge cable plugs into the top via a db 9 port. Guide button was replaced with an original xbox button.

In the pictures below you see the original stock hori stick, but it now sports a jlw, flush mounted for the correct height.

I ask 200, plus shipping. I am currently in Hawaii, so you decide.

Sample pictures.

is that really a JLW?

Looks really nice. Someone E-mailed me recently with one very simular to yours but without that white button on the right, and they offered it for 110.
Although, I may consider your one in the future, as I’ll eventually have to buy one for player 2.

Can you tell me what the white button is for?
Also, how do you release the batteries once they run out?.. do you have to take the Arcade Stick apart everytime. :frowning:

Finally, a messege to everyone. I am purchasing one from someone at the weekend, but I am open for more offers and ideas for 360 Wireless Arcade Sticks as like I said, I want to eventually buy one for player 2. Just ain’t got the money right now after I shead out for the other one.

Will have more money in about a month so keep those offers on Arcade Sticks coming in.
Cheers, you’ve all been a lot of help.

  • Charlie

At the time of the picture it still had the stock hori stick, It now ports a JLF. I apologize for saying JLW, that would be too big. I am leaving for Afghanistan the end of this month, so I may or may not retake pictures

oh ok, cause i have the same stick in my original HFS EX, how hard was it to get the jlw in there? i’m looking to upgrade to a jlw or jlf, was it a direct swap? or did you have to work it in