WTB: Wireless Xbox 360 Headset


Looking to buy a working in good condition Wireless Xbox360 Headset.

If you have one and are looking to sell please PM me your price with shipping to Canada included.

Also willing to sell: Used Wired Official Xbox 360 Headset (white colour) that I’d be willing to sell for $15.00 shipped within Continental USA & Canada. I’ll include a FREE Xbox 360 Fight Night Round 3 game too. The game does not come with a manual or cover art though, only the box. The disc is a bit scratched but works perfectly.




I know they’re 60 new.
i have one i used a handful of times, but after the battery died the first time, i used my wired one while the wireless was recharging. I never went back to the wireless.
I don’t know what the shipping to canada is, but would 25-30 including shipping be fair?
let me know.