WTB: Work Done To My Hori FS3?

ok 1st off if im in the wrong place etc. plz forgive me this is my first time actually using the trading outlet.
i have a hori fs3 and i just scooped up kof98 um, and capcom fighting evolution and i am soo ready to play. problem is i cant plug my usb port to the ps2 according to the hori manual. so i was wondering if some one can add a ps2 pcb so i can play on the ps2 and a dc pcb so i can play on dc but keep the usb so i can still play on ggpo/2df. name your price for the work and we will go from there. im not a window shopper and if u do a good job expect alot of business from me

10 people read this and not one left a price? come on man im payin money here.

FS3 is cramped, difficult to put in a 2nd PCB. For the amount of effort required, I am not sure anyone will do it for cheap.

yeah, theres hardly any room in there. you should or trade for a ps2 stick, like a tekken 5 or hrap.

oh really? ah i see thx alot. admin plz close this thread

I think you’re going to have a problem getting someone to do a tri-pcb mod on any stick. It’s just a lot of work just to do a dual pcb mod, but you want PS2, DC, and the original USB? That plus the small case is going to be a hassle.

I wouldn’t close the thread just yet though. You could get an Agetec PCB and a smaller PS PCB and they should fit fine. Again, you’re just going to have to pay a lot for someone to tri-pcb mod it though. I wouldn’t touch this project because 1) that’s a lot of wiring/soldering for a small case and 2) I don’t have a DC to test.

I would suggest you ask someone to dual mod it for you (PS and DC only) and then just buy a PS to USB converter. That will probably make your life a lot simpler.


alternatively, you can just gut your existing pcb and get a multi-console cthulu. then there’s no dualpcb necessary. you just wire in the DC and PSX cords. the cthulu comes with PS3 usb stock, and that can be plugged into the computer.