WTB WORKING Round 1/2 360 TE PCB

I need a working 360 TE PCB for a friend’s stick, his board is shot and I’m hoping to find a drop in replacement for him.

Hoping for 25 Shipped.

I have one I’d let go. I have experienced the “RH button going out until the stick is replugged” phenomenon a handful of times however. I (and as far as I know everyone else) am unsure if this problem is related to the pcb, the installation in the Madcatz cases, or what. It is pretty common, and can be remedied by simply rearranging the wiring and using LB or LT for the RH button.

Full disclosure, other than that common issue it works perfectly. If you still want it send me a pm.


nah that’s cool. I got one from someone else that’s completely working, thanks though.

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