WTB: WoW Level Job

PVP Server

Currently 43

paying 50$ money order, also have some cash in my paypal

lmk what you can do and time frame

No Glider
No Bots of any kind
No Hacks
Nothing to get a strike put against me
No talking in general chat unless absolutely necessary
No talking to people on friends list other than someone to be specified at a later time.
All gold and items found are for me

Currently i have two swords that should last you till 60 (both have crusader) i’m heavily geared and have 200 dmg @ lvl 43. There will be gold left for skills and item upgrades. Please spend wisely as i will not get more gold for you.

What server?

ninja edit cause i don’t feel like being a jerk

server is illidan

i used to play on that server. you want me to check if one of friends can do it?


he said sorry but $50 w/o the use of bots isn’t practical.

dont care if it’s practical or not.

theres no time frame mentioned nor level i wish to obtain.

If your not concerned about getting someone from outside the states to do it, I will.
I’ve leveled 4 70s, including a warrior.

And yes, I mean I will manually level it via quests and grinding, no outside programs.