WTB/WTS: Need Dreamcast Vga box, selling Asus VW266H

Like the title says, looking to buy a Dreamcast vga box (performance or official would be nice). I would even probably settle for the vga cord if it works well. Looking to spend no more than $30 shipped on that.

I am selling my Asus VW266H 25.5" monitor. I have had it for a few years but, have taken pretty good care of it. No scratches, no dead pixels. I paid $330 for it new, just looking to upgrade to a newer model. Willing to let it go for $180, depending on how much shipping is, I may let it go for a little less (to be honest, I am not really sure how much it will cost to ship so we can work that out if interested).


Sorry to say, but official DC VGA boxes run around the $150, and that’s used. If you find it any cheaper, it’s a counterfeit or it’s broken. If you REALLY want an official one, you might be able to snipe one on eBay or you might want to look in Yahoo Japan auctions for it, but that’s not gonna be cheap. Just letting you know though.

I recently got a DC VGA cord (VGA output, with 3.5mm audio jack) for $37+shipping. used from a seller at racketboy… that is to say, It took a lot of convincing and haggling to get it that low. $30 is pretty impossible to find, unless a seller is being very generous, and believe me I tried.

There are non-branded VGA cords on Ebay right now ebay.com/itm/SEGA-Dreamcast-VGA-Cable-sound-RCA-Import-Video-Game-DC-adapter-Converter-Box-/230933451605?pt=Video_Games_Accessories&hash=item35c4b4d355 roughly $50, that’s the lowest price i’ve seen for any kind of DC vga solution. Like what ^ said, VGA boxes are a lot more expensive. I see around $60-70 on ending prices for VGA Boxes, the ones with s-terminal and composite extensions.

A great deal of DC games are VGA supported anyways, the only vital ones I see are the SNK ports, which only run on true low-res. (Composite/S-Terminal cable only).

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wow the price on VGA boxes seems to be on the rise, I got the same one sold on the racket boy store (clear box, vga, composite, svideo) for like 25 bucks 2 years ago. Once you see a dreamcast on VGA you can never go back to anything else.