WTB/WTT: 40gb PS3

Does anyone have a 40gb ps3 in really good condition? The basic ps3 40gb package with box.

  • System
  • Controller
  • USB cable
  • Power cord
  • AV Cables (Components preferred)
  • Box/Manuals

Name your price, pictures preferred. I can pay via PayPal.

Can trade this Wii bundle plus Warioland:Shake it and Madworld + Component Cables! and $20. But must get back to me before bidding ends.
wii on ebay

i’m guessing no one has a 40gb ps3 they want to sell. WOW

i’ve got an 80gb (newer model i believe so no BC other than ps1) im looking to sell. pm me how your price range i’ll give you a fair price and toss in a game.

yo al I PM’d you.

still looking for a ps3.