I’m looking for Agetec PCB’s from the green goblin stick, for a good price…and I could buy up to 3 if I can get a good deal off of them. I have a couple references in the feedback thread…

I have for possible trade, a Sanwa JLF with a red ball that has never been used but might be a bit rough around the edges, I mounted it with screws into a SvC chaos stick but the piece of crap box broke (shitty quality plastic), so it looks used but really isn’t.

Also, some Seimitsu 24mm buttons, 6 of them. They are black ridges with red actual buttons. I didn’t realize that I only needed 2x 24mm, and the rest I need 30 mm…

Make me an offer!


I got one for sale. Will trade for that JLF if you want. It’s been hacked too I think…


Sure I’ll trade…how has it been hacked, QD’s?